Come sit at My Table

I started life as an Army Brat, which means I am well traveled and passionate about people. Adapting is my super power. I have managed nerd communities and LARPs for others, and I have written and built my own custom games. In my most recent major gaming endeavor, Undying, I gathered a community around me to make my game one of the most successful and inclusive LARPs in Southern California. I started marketing Undying about a year before release, and my first game had as many attendees as most well established games hope to sustain. I did that with community goodwill and maintaining connections and enthusiasm.

I utilize emotional beats and social media to hype my games, writing gaming blurbs, blogs, revealing peeks behind the writing curtain with mechanics, and reaching out to key community members to build excitement for upcoming events. My theatrical, improv, and musical training has built me into a charismatic person who is good at problem solving and great at getting along, while working towards a common goal. I am well known in the gaming scene, from Strategicon to GenCon, and leverage my connections to enable members of my community to grow.

While gaming and music are my passions, thriving in this marketing heavy environment takes more than passion.

I also have been gamemastering professionally for the last decade and have recently transitioned to running online games using the Roll20 virtual tabletop platform, though I often supplement live games with the platform on my “digital gaming table screen” instead of using pen and paper maps. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a young man, and I’m grateful that current technology has given me the chance to run ttrpgs for friends worldwide.

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