Hi, friends! Sheldon here, with another one of my perplexingly infrequent updates! (I have a bad habit of blogging only when major changes occur in my life. I’ll be better about it in the future. I hope.)

Anyway, updates! After a brief hiatus from acting, I have decided that I will be diving back into it with a vengeance during the new year. I’ll be focusing on getting film, television, and commercial work mostly, but I will also be submitting for the occasional theatrical project that appeals to me. Theatre is a pretty big time sink, and since it takes me away from Mary for long stretches, a project has to be really magical for me to want to sacrifice the time. (Spamalot? I’m looking at you!) The goal here is to build a more impressive resume, get some on camera experience, and start making the push into that elusive next tier of acting work: paid gigs that people actually watch!

I know a secret…









In other news, after much personal reflection, I have decided to scale my musical ambitions down to a more personal level. My friend Melissa Harding, a singer/songwriter of immense talent, has been working on an album of her own material, and following her journey has been really been inspirational for me. Seeing her joy and enthusiasm for the process has reminded me of why I wanted to be a musician in the first place: because expressing yourself through music is  fun, empowering, and can be overwhelmingly cathartic.

To that end, I have decided that I am starting my own musical project. Basically, the goal is to write new songs, rehearse them with other musicians, record them, mix them, and release them. It’s been too long since I’ve actually sat down and written a song, so I’m not sure what direction it’ll go, but whatever direction that is, at least it’ll be mine. And in the process, if I continue to learn sound recording, engineering, and mixing techniques, then it’s a win all around!

Finally, on a personal level, things have been going really well lately. Job is good, love is good, friends are good. I have been lucky enough to surround myself with amazing people, and I’m grateful every moment for their support and love.

Thanks, everyone, for always being so awesome. It’s gonna be a big year for me, I can feel it!

Much Love,



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  1. Mackenzie Jamieson says:

    Love the current plan and motivation. The further you along on your career road the more it will kick me in the ass to keep up 😉

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