The reviews have started to come in! I don’t usually like to read them until after the run, but I just couldn’t resist…

The Fullerton Observer has has this to say about yours truly:

“As for Rob, (Sheldon) Morley is very lovable, while still giving off a slacker vibe. There is something endearing about him even as he slides into an ever-growing depression over his breakup. Even as he starts calling Laura’s cell phone an obsessive number of times, the audience cannot help but like him.”

The entire Fullerton Observer review can be found here


“Stage Scene LA also had some kind words:

“Of course none of the above would matter a whit were Hunger Artists’ intimate staging not blessed with a star-making lead performance by Sheldon Morley heading an all-around splendid cast, a trio of rockin’ good onstage musicians, and designers who make the very most of an obviously limited budget.

About Morley’s performance in The Full Monty a few years back, I wrote, “Sheldon Morley is the first Jerry I’ve seen who truly looks the part. (He) is also an excellent actor,” remarks which explain just two of the reasons he once again merits raves for his star turn as Rob. It’s easy to buy this big, scruffy dude as owning a rundown record shop, loving his 45s more than life itself, and screwing things up with a babe like Tara Pitt’s Laura (just as it’s easy to believe that Laura would fall for this Rob’s big big heart). Effortless at chewing the fat with the audience and never anything less than spontaneous in his interactions with other characters, Morley happens also to have just the right rocker pipes to belt out Rob’s songs precisely the way they should be belted.”

Check out Steven Stanley’s full review by clicking THIS LINK!


So yeah, come and check it out!

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