Sheldon is a splendid GM who puts a great deal of care and thought into the games he runs. He always plays the NPCs with vibrant personality, and consistently looks for hooks to personalize the story for the players' characters. He's one of the finest GMs I've had the pleasure of playing with.
Bob P
Game Master
Sheldon is a creative GM who can take a standard adventure and tailor it to each player's individual background. He "plays" the NPCs as living characters rather than info dumps. He makes sure everyone has a role to play and feels like they're contributing to the adventure. He also doesn't dumb down fights but lets players come up with creative solutions. He also balances comedy with more serious moments, so the games are welcoming to a player's preferred style.
Constance C
Sheldon has been a GM on and off for various games I've played in over the years and the games he runs are exceptional! His description and narration of NPCs, environments, and combat is always spot on and he helps to create a warm and welcoming environment whether in person or digitally., making sure people feel included and seen. If you're looking for an immersive game and a skilled, thoughtful GM, look no further!
Rowan W
An amazing and compelling story teller that makes you feel a diverse range of emotions. Sheldon will make you laugh and cry in the same breath. And most of all he makes you THINK. He works so hard on his stories that he'll probably cry with you as you get to the delicious nexus of your character. Every PC will feel seen.
Lorreina G
I've been lucky enough to play in a few games that Sheldon has run and I've always, without fail, found him to be an engaging, imaginative, attentive GM with a keen eye for balancing the larger tale with each player's own personal story. His improvisation (especially when faced with off-the-wall actions by players—you know how it is) is top notch; each decision, no matter how strange, gets woven into something more. It's a rare GM who can make you feel as though you're driving the story and still surprise you every step of the way, and Sheldon is one of those GMs. I can't recommend him enough!
Charlie F
Sheldon is one of the best GMs i have ever had the pleasure of gaming with. He understands the nuances of story and has a way of emotionally connecting players and the story getting them involved deeply. He has given me some of the best stories i have ever had in gaming. If you want a truly phenominal gaming experience i highly recommend you using him.
Michael A
Sheldon is without a doubt one of the best game masters I know. He tells fantastic cooperative stories with his players and his NPCs are always engaging and memorable. In addition, he's organized, well prepared, and able to adapt to just about any curve his players might throw at him. If you are looking for a game that will be immersive, story-driven, and engaging, Sheldon is a marvelous choice.
Jordan L
I've been a player in multiple campaigns run by Sheldon and he is hands down one of the top GMs I have gamed with in my 40+ years of playing and running TTRPGs. 14/10. Would game with again. Here is what I think of his style: - Fun is the goal and it is achieved. - Sheldon runs a very inclusive game, for all meanings of that word. - Sheldon is very good at setting the scene, bringing NPCs to life, and helping his players commit to the fantasy - He is a deep expert in D&D and in Roll20, allowing him to facilitate great campaigns where the players are geographically distributed.
Josh T
Sheldon ran a wonderful Dragonlance game in 5e, centering around a retelling of the chronicles, and it was engaging and really fun. He allowed players room to deviate from the actual stories, while still advancing the story towards its ultimate conclusion. Really enjoyed how he adapted the rules of 5e to the dragonlance setting., which is not a simple thing to do. My Kender had a great time, (don’t they always tho?) and I did too.
Michael M
"Great GM with a charismatic personality. I had a lot of fun at his games and he has promised to run more. A very immersive storyteller. "
Jameson M
Sheldon is a great GM. He has a great passion for the game, and works with his players to make it an experience all will enjoy. He truly cares for his players, their characters, and the stories they create together, and is kind and patient while still curating engaging, thoughtful, and rewarding games. He is a wonderful GM for both new and experienced players alike, and I cannot recommend him enough!
Elijah S
Sheldon combines top-notch roleplaying chops with strong technical expertise and a welcoming, player-centered approach to his sessions. It's rare to find a GM who ticks all those boxes. Sheldon is hands-down one of the best DMs I've ever had the privilege of gaming with.

I say "gaming with" very intentionally. Sheldon's comprehensive session zeros thoughtfully and empathically determine players hard lines and soft veils and expertly guide the group to forging party ties and backgrounds. The regular sessions where he often allows players a share of narrative control ("tell us what that looks like" is a frequent prompt when somebody succeeds in a dramatic situation, for example), Regardless of were you are in the process, Sheldon puts the players at center stage. He firmly believes that his job is to work with players to tell their stories.

That's not to say that Sheldon isn't an active presence n the game. Far from it! His training as a stage actor helps him bring NPCs to life like few other GMs I've gamed with, and his narration of set pieces and descriptions of settings are evocative and engaging. He's a true story teller.

Many DMs with the social and performance skills that Sheldon has can sometimes be a little iffy on the technical side of play. Not so with Sheldon - he has an expert command of rules and settings across a wide range of game systems. I've played in games Sheldon has run in Dungeons and Dragons, White Wolf, and Star Wars to name only a few, and he's never missed a beat in any of them. That said, he never lets that understanding of rules and systems stand in the way of a compelling story. He's willing to apply the "rule of cool" if a player comes up with an interesting way to use their abilities, and he quickly and gracefully manages questions about rules in ways that never feel imperious, but always help keep the story moving.

To top it all off, Sheldon is an absolute guru of the Roll20 remote gaming platform, having logged literally hundreds of hours with the system . When I played my first remote campaign with him on Roll20, I was an utter neophyte. He walked me through the entire process, set up macros for me to smooth out gameplay, and was able to answer my questions quickly and clearly. His experience with the program allows him to utilize its full functionality, with multi-layered maps, dynamic lighting, and specialized tokens all giving the online experience tremendous depth and vibrancy.

Technical expertise. Professional-level theatrical chops. A warm and empathic player-centered approach to gaming. Sheldon ticks all the boxes. He's one of the best and you'll have a wonderful time in any game he runs for you.
Ray L
GM & Player
Sheldon cares deeply about people and their comfort levels. It’s why I always trust Sheldon with heavy plot lines. He’s not one of those GMs that just punishes their players to make them feel drama or for making “stupid” choices. I have never felt judged by Sheldon for my ideas and actions in a table top. Additionally, choices and actions do have consequences. He has thoughtful and considerate ways of working through those consequences with his players and their characters. I trust Sheldon to have a good story to experience and emotional safety for my characters to wander into sometimes dark plotlines. I have never felt railroaded, judged, nor punished for no reason when playing one of Sheldon’s games.

What makes Sheldon a spectacular GM is the same aspects of a good writer, director, or composer. They aspire to move people and connect people with ideas and emotions. He also likes to take experiences and stories and have players undergoing moments that make you/your character consider ideas that may not have crossed your mind: that “Oh…I didn’t think about that moment.” Sheldon is an attentive storyteller who gives his players a moment to shine even just a little in every game.
Mackenzie J
Prop Master
Sheldon is a great DM- I played in his game for years, many worlds and moons ago. He created an engaging, imaginative world full of adventures and maybe more misadventures. I look back on my characters fondly.
Samantha K
Shelly takes the time to be flexible with how players choose to handle an encounter, even if it may not be the expected way to approach the situation. He encourages player creativity and collaboration, and absolutely is a "Yes, and" type. I love that Shelly makes the effort to ensure players feel safe and comfortable in his games. I cannot recommend games run by Shelly enough. I would come back to his table time and time again.
Emma L M
Sheldon has written and run some of the most emotionally compelling tabletops I have ever been a part of. Between his ability to take on the NPC’s he is portraying, and his innate sense of drama, games with him are always enticing and exciting.
Kia H.
Game Runner